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Winter Inspiration

Winter Inspiration

When the weather turns chilly and the heating’s turned up why not use the excuse to stay indoors and try some new design and print ideas. We have been busy here at Xpres Craft put together some great winter pieces…. Go on, be inspired this winter by us! 

Cushion: Our Linen Cushion cover has a linen effect however is 100% Polyester so is perfect for sublimation. Why not decorate cushions with snowflakes, snowmen or a nice winter themed pattern?

Mug: Our Ceramic Mug is the perfect blank canvas for those wintery designs.  Use your winter artwork to encourage people to snuggle up by the fire with a nice warm drink…. A hot chocolate for me please!

Tees: Our T-shirts are great for layering up this season. Christmas jumpers and t-shirts are very popular but why stop, just because the festive season is over. Why not decorate with themed slogans…. ‘time to chill out’… ‘Snow days are my favourite’ ‘Baby its cold outside’.

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