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What a Corker! 🍾

What a Corker! 🍾

Check out these cool slogan cork coasters. We’ve used our beautiful pastel HTV Turbo heat transfer vinyl to make these plain boring cork coasters look pretty. Using a Silhouette Cameo cutter, these were so quick and easy to create.

Check out our step by step:

  1.        Create your design in Silhouette studio. (check out our blog on how to create a dotted outline... coming soon!)
  2.        Mirror your image. To do this: click and drag over your design and then right click and select – flip horizontally.
  3.        Load the pastel vinyl into the Cameo. (shiny side down)

💡 Did you know: that you can load multiple colours into the cutter at once by simply using different areas of the cutting mat.

  1.        Send to cut – for projects using our HTV Turbo we recommend a cutting force of 10.
  2.        Unload the cutting mat from the cutter and peel the vinyl from the mat
  3.        Weed away the excess
  4.        Lay the vinyl face down on to the cork coaster.
  5.        Heat press at 130 degrees, for 5 seconds. Alternatively, you can also use an iron. When using an iron we recommend turning the iron up to the cotton setting and pressing down hard for around 10 seconds.  

💡 Did you know: it would be unsafe to use ironing board. You will need a strong flat surface that will allow you to apply pressure.

  1.        Peel away the plastic overlay while it is still hot.
  2.    Leave to cool down.

There you have it. Some pretty customised cork coasters all handmade by you! :)

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