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Welcome to our world of craft blanks...

Welcome to our world of craft blanks...


We thought we would jump on our blog to tell you a little bit about our craft blanks we supply. 


Our products... 

The craft blanks we sell are all optimised for sublimation printing.... If your unsure what subliamtion printing is check out our 'sublimation how to' section on our main webpage. This page may enlighten you a little however all you need to know for now is that it's a really cool, really simple printing process the allows you to create personalised product with vibrancy and intricate detail. 

Anyway, back to the craft blanks. These can be also decorated with our self adhesive vinyl. Our self adhesive vinyl is available in 21 stunning colours in a gloss or matt finish. All you need to use them is a cutter (or a pair of scissors) and some application tape. So simple and not pricey at all. one sheet is just 90p and you get so much to play with... our sheets are JUMBO! 

Our craft blank collection consists of so many awesome products- water bottles, cushion covers, mugs, picture frames, coasters and placemats. All our blanks are great quality and perfect for decoration. Many of our blanks are supplied by our friends in America - Unisub. 


About Unisub...

Unisub are leading manufactureres of hard surface blank products made prominiently for sublimation. They are eco concious and use recyleable products during the manufacturing process. All of our craft blanks from Unisub are REACH compliant and contain no harmfull SVHC's. In simple terms.... they contain no substances of very high concern. Great news!

All the products are coated to make them ready for subliamtion ink to fuse to them. These coatings are free from lead, heavy metals and phthalates. 

Unisub craft blanks are either made from Handboard, aliminuim or MDF. all of which can be recyled. 

We think Unisub blank products are amazing! The quality of sublimation prints you can achieve on these products is phenominal plus the durablity, cost and quality of the product is exactly why we work with Unisub! 

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