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Top Tips for Sublimation Start-Ups!

Top Tips for Sublimation Start-Ups!

Sublimation printing is a simple process but can be made even easier when you have all the essentials covered. We've put together some handy hints and tips to help get you started with sublimation. 

Tidy Workspace- The size of the space your working in isn’t important… however tidy workspace… tidy printing!

Printing your design- upload your artwork to a design software of your choice. Make sure it's a software that you're comfortable with. Not all softwares suit all people and everyone has their personal preferences so it's important you chose the right one for you and your new business. 

Positioning your design- Placing your sublimation print on to your consumable item can sometimes be tricky. A ruler can be a big help when trying to position your print on a t-shirt. While when trying to position a print on a giftware item like a mug or a keyring, positioning by eye is usually the best method. Heat tape  can also be useful to secure the artwork onto the consumables.

Pressing- Always follow the pressing instructions. This is an essential step to achieving perfect prints! 



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