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The Handmade Festival and all it's greatness! 💕

The Handmade Festival and all it's greatness! 💕

A month on and we're still sad that the Handmade Festival can't happen every weekend! To say us guys at Xpres Craft LOVED it is an understatement. We thought the whole event from start to finish was awesome! 

As our first time exhibiting at the show we were a little optimistic and really didnt know what to expect. We saw pictures, read reviews, spoke to other exhibitors and show organisers before arriving but nothing prepared us for the show and all it's greatness. 

The weather was fabulous and the set-up of the show was well thought out, it was organised and astehtically pleasing.

Our stand was colourful and inviting. Our wide selection of pretty vinyls were on display for all to see, touch and buy! We displayed tons of items that had been decorated with our heat transfer and self adhesive vinyls. Plus we showcased some of our subliamtion printied items too. 

Our friend Lisa was demonstrating the Silhouette Cameo 3 on our stand alongside our Xpres Craft heat press. The stand also fetured a A4 Subliamtion printer from Sawgrass which wowed guests aswell as exhibitors with its magic. Coasters, placemats, keyrings, waterbottles, cushions and bookmarkswere created over the 3 days and displayed for all to see. 

In summary our first Handmade Festival was excellent. We loved meeting so many friendly faces. We engaged with new customers, old customers and other exhibitors... everyone was so nice! 

We will definitely be seeing you all again next year! 

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