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Storage Hacks

Storage Hacks

How to store vinyl

We all know that having rolls of vinyl hanging around isn’t ideal. Not only can your workspace become untidy but the rolls can become unrolled, creased and generally ruined quite quickly if they are not looked after. Result is, wasted vinyl… alongside wasted money. Definitely not good for your business!

What’s the solution?

There are many creative ways to store your vinyl in a cost effective and fun way. Take a look at these vinyl storage hacks we’ve found. Maybe something will catch your eye.

The basic shoe organiser

Shoe organisers make great storage and a shoe organiser hanging off the back of the door of your workspace is just genius. A great room saver and a fabulous way of keeping tidy especially if you have a small space to work in. Roll up sheets of vinyl loosely and pop it into one of the slots. Keep colour co-ordinated and organised for a relatively small cost and a convenient way of storing that vinyl that you’ve invested in.

Wine rack

Wine racks are a great makeshift organiser to store rolls of vinyl. The cylinder wrought iron spaces where you would normally slide your wine into are perfect for vinyl rolls. Place the wine racks side by side if you have a large collection of colours and let the wine rack keep your vinyl tidy while you drink the wine.

Magazine rack

Think outside the box and look for storage items around your home that can be used to store vinyl. Our recent great find is a magazine rack. The rack can be ideal for larger off cuts that you may need again for a smaller job or can be used to store rolls too. Magazine racks tend to have different sections which mean you can colour co-ordinate rolls and off cuts or keep the in separate sections entirely.

Bag tidy

A plastic bag tidy is the most perfect vinyl organiser yet. Neat, compact and wall mountable the plastic bag tidy comes at very little cost yet is the ultimate storage for those loose vinyl rolls. no wall space? No worries. Stick the plastic big tidies together to make a free standing cylinder rack. **handy tip- if you are to wall mount… it is advisable to use screws as the vinyl can get heavy and will pull away from the wall just using the adhesive that is already applied.

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