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Lets Stay Home and Craft! 🖍💕✒☕

Lets Stay Home and Craft! 🖍💕✒☕

As we’re in the middle of our 2nd national lockdown we’ve all been forced to find activities to do at home. Are you finding it hard to preoccupy yourself all weekend or perhaps you have children or teenagers that need entertaining? Let us help you out! Our website is jam packed with products and materials that you can use to create some amazing gifts.

Did you know that all our vinyls can be cut out with scissors and that our heat transfer vinyls can be applied with a standard home iron? Well if not... you learn something new everyday! 

Here’s a few ideas of things you can create while staying home... 

This wooden box has been decorated using Self Adhesive Vinyl. Our range of SAV is available in an array of colours and either a gloss or matt finish. It has a permancy of 3-5 years so is great for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Our sequin make-up bags are one of our best selling items. We're sure you'll agree, they're so pretty! Here weve decorated it using our Artesprix sublimation thermal markers. These are perfect for crafting with children as all you have to draw on normal copy paper (in reverse when writing) and press using a heat press or even an iron. 


Why not create a t-shirt with your name on or favorite slogan or phrase? This t-shirt has been made using our HTV Evolution Vinyl. hand cut with home scissors and applied using an iron. All our recomenned pressing times can be found here

There really are endless possibilities with our product and materials. We have created some fabulous product over the past few years which is all featured over on our social media chanels - facebook and instagram.  Take a browse, use our resorces and get inspired to craft this lockdown! 

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