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Getting Hands on! 🖐

Getting Hands on! 🖐

Is the summer holiday boredom kicking in yet? Have you heard the words "I'm bored" just too many times over the past few weeks. Well, look no further. Here's a quick and easy project to keep the kids entertained for a while while you put your feet up with a cup of tea!

For this project you will need:

- A pen or penciil 

- Paper for a template 

- A hand (or any other shape or object) 


Self Adhesive Vinyl 


Step by Step: 

1. Gather everything you will need for the project. 

2. Create a template using a hand, pencil and scissors. 

3. Draw around the template on to the reverse paper side of the self adhesive vinyl. 

4. Cut out with scissors. 

5. Peel away the paper backing. 

6. Stick to glass window using your hands. (for added pressure you can use a squeege

 Hey presto! Your handy window craft is complete.🖐


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