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Check out what we’ve been decorating today….

Check out what we’ve been decorating today….

This morning we decided to do some sublimation. Sublimation is so easy and quick; we just love it here at Xpres Craft!

Sublimation allows you to print intricate designs and pick a design with as many colours as you like. It’s pretty, long-lasting and cost effective!

Today we have printed this cool mug using the Beaver paper Mug R sublimation sheets. These sheets are already cut to size and are really simple to use.

If you’re not already a sublimation crafter it’s something we would definitely recommend getting into. If you already have a heat press the only addition you would need is a sublimation printer. You can pick one of these up from Xpres Craft for just £349.00 and this includes EVERYTHING you need to get started!

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