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Chase Rainbows with our HTV Textured Glitter! 🌈

Chase Rainbows with our HTV Textured Glitter! 🌈

Multi-coloured design with Heat transfer Vinyl

Items needed:
Xpres Craft HTV textured glitter in silver, pink, purple and blue
Heat press or Iron
Silhouette Cameo Machine
cutting mat if using off cuts
Silhouette Store Design #238783

Measure the area in which you are looking to place your design. This will depend on the size of the shirt meaning each project will be a different size. 

Top Tip: A good visual way to do this is to lay your mat over the t-shirt to see how many squares work best, the squares on the mat are in inches so this makes for easy measuring.

Open up Silhouette Studio and open the design file. 

Ungroup the design - This will make all parts separate.

Select the parts to cut in each colour and group them together.

Mirror your design horizontally as Heat transfer Vinyl needs to be cut on the reverse.

Cut each part of the design from a different colour of HTV on the Silhouette Cameo.

Weed away the excess. 

Place your t-shirt onto either a flat surface if using an iron or onto the bed of your heat press.

Position designs together onto the t-shirt with the plastic carrier sheet on the HTV facing up (you may need to trim the excess plastic carrier sheet away to get them to position without overlapping) – press according to settings for the brand of HTV you are using – we used HTV textured glitter and the A4 heat press

Peel away the clear carrier sheet, textured glitter is a warm peel so don’t peel it instantly but don’t give it time to go cold, the carrier sheet should peel away easily

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