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Boo-tiful Halloween Crafts 👻

Boo-tiful Halloween Crafts 👻

Halloween is fast approaching, and we love spooky crafts. This week we’ve been starting to look at what we can make in preparation for the scary occasion! Here are some of our handpicked craft items that would be perfect for pumpkins, ghosts and ghoulies!

HTV Textured Glitter purple could be perfect for a glitzy looking witch t-shirt or jumper. Or maybe you could use it to put a bit of sparkle to a cat outfit.  

HTV Fashion Basketball is just the most perfect vinyl you will ever find for a pumpkin. The texture of the vinyl is like a basketball… hence the name. It has a rigged finish and looks very similar to a pumpkin.

HTV Evolution black, orange, green and purple is great for any Halloween t-shirts, bags or even trainers. HTV Evolution is a quick press and low temperature application so it’s perfect to use when you’re trying to make something in a hurry plus it can even be applied with an iron.

We have a huge range of craft blanks and lots of items in the collection would look great decorated in a Halloween theme. Our coasters and placemats, garden stakes, mugs and water bottles can all be decorated using self adhesive vinyl or sublimation print.

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