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An Introduction to Self Adhesive Vinyl

An Introduction to Self Adhesive Vinyl

Here at Xpres Craft self adhesive vinyl is our go to product when we want to customise, personalise or upcycle anything with a smooth surface!
It’s so versatile, inexpensive and comes in a wide range of colours and finishes making it great for all sorts of projects. 

Although you can use self adhesive vinyl in manual die cutting machines to make stickers, it is most versatile if used in an electronic die cutting machine such as the Silhouette Cameo

Self adhesive vinyl comes in rolls or sheets and can be used with or without a cutting mat in your Silhouette Cameo. We tend to use full sheets without a cutting mat, but we like to save our scraps for little projects.  


What do I need to start using Self Adhesive Vinyl?

Silhouette Cameo machine – this is used to cut the designs from the vinyl.

Self Adhesive Vinyl sheets – these are what you will cut out and stick onto items to make your final project, they come in gloss or matt and have a wide range of colours, vinyl can be layered too so it may be worth investing in some colours that work well together.  

Application Tape – this comes on a roll and you cut off the desired length you need to cover your vinyl design. Once a design is weeded you lay the application tape over it to easily transfer it to your project, this means your design is transferred as once piece even if it is made up of intricate pieces or individual letters.

Weeding tool/Weeder – this is a sharp metal tool that allows you to pick out all of the bits of the design you don’t need before applying the application tape. 

Squeegee or scraper – we like to use this to rub over the design once you have applied the application tape and then again when transferring it to the item you are customising just to ensure a smooth application.

Craft Blanks – self adhesive vinyl will stick to most smooth flat surfaces so you may already have items around the house that you may like to upcycle, but we also do a range of blank products.  


What can self adhesive vinyl be applied to?

Self adhesive vinyl can be applied to most smooth, flat surfaces. Some of our favourite things to apply it to are: glass, tiles, wooden signs, coasters, water bottles, bookmarks, bottle openers, mugs, frames, pencil pots, placemats and keyrings.


6 simple steps to vinyl cutting 

1. Cut the design on your electric die cutting machine. 

2. Weed away the excess vinyl so you are only left with the parts of the design you wish to transfer. 

3. Apply application tape and squeegee over the top. 

4. Peel away the paper backing of the vinyl leaving you design on the application tape 

5. Apply to your chosen blank. 

6. Rub with a squeegee and remove application tape. 



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