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🎒 HTV Heaven for School Bags 🎒

🎒 HTV Heaven for School Bags 🎒

With the kids now getting back to school, is now the time to unleash your creative juices on some school bag designs? 

Sending the kids to school is proving to be an increasingly costly affair for Britain’s parents, with Mintel research putting a £915m price tag on the cost of sending children back to a new academic year, with £436m spent on school uniform and shoes alone - with an average individual spend of £273, on goods from uniform to stationery. This makes it the third largest shopping event, after Black Friday and Christmas.

Heat transfer vinyl is one of our favourite materials to work with. We have a wide range of vinyls including textured glitter, glitter, leopard print, camo, chevrons and many more special effects at Xpres Craft.

Believe it or not HTV isn’t just for t-shirts. It is so versatile and can be applied to many materials and products, such as school bags!

HTV can be applied using a heat press or even a home iron. You just need to remember to use a solid, dry surface (an ironing board is not suitable) and pay particular attention to the edges. More details on pressing with an iron can be found in our Instructions section of our website.

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